Three months??

Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog post I like to look back on my calendar and remember what I did on this day last month…except looking back to July I didn’t do anything that day. Or in June. When I got to May I struck gold. On May 25th I was headed out with the rest of my glorious outreach team to camp for 5 days in the English countryside. It was a wonderful experience (despite the cold, wet weather) and though I couldn’t recommend camping in England I just might do it again.

Bringing us back to the present, here I am on August 25th sitting in the SPCC library between classes and feeling far less overwhelmed than I did a week ago. Last week I might now have believed that I would be able to survive until now. I still haven’t figured out a good system for between my classes (COM120 class at 12:30 and then nothing until my MAT140 class at 6:00), mostly I’ve sat around doing my online classes either sitting inside the library or outside at the picnic tables with an occasional trip to Starbucks or McDonald’s down the road.

Tomorrow I’m nannying and (keep your fingers crossed) heading to Wilmington to visit Matt for a couple days. We’ll see how that goes, until tonight I can’t really be sure if that’s a good decision because of the hurricane that’s supposed to be sweeping up the East Coast.

To update you on my 365 project, I have taken a picture every day but I’ve been very very bad about posting them. At some point I will catch up, attempt to label and post them.

I guess that’s all for now, except that the Disney interview is coming up in a couple weeks so be praying for me about that!

 Picture of the DayPicture for the day
My face upon overhearing the conversation of a group of post-middle aged women standing near me.