Living, Learning, and Earning

So, I lied. Just like every time I end a post with “I’ll post tomorrow/next week/specific time frame”. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in my life for the past twenty-one days since I let you know that I made it to Florida alive. 

That night Kathryn and I walked to Downtown Disney from our hotel with another girl that we met who was doing to college program. We had a nice but severely overpriced dinner at Planet Hollywood, made our way back to the hotel and promptly crashed. We got up the next morning around 4:30 so we could get in line for housing. The way the housing assignment system works for the college program is basically on a first come, first serve basis. So when we arrived at 5:45ish at the Vista Way housing complex (where we had originally planned on living until we heard some horror stories involving cockroaches, carpet that made your feet turn black, and wild partying) there was already a line. Luckily for us, the two girls we were planning on living with had arrived earlier so we were a bit closer to the front. We met two more girls in line, Alana and Julia, who hadn’t planned on housing yet so we invited them to live with us. In the end, we got the last apartment in the Chatham Square complex. It was a four bedroom, meaning we would get placed with two mystery room mates, but the alternative was Vista Way or Patterson Court (the more expensive option) so we decided to chance it. Things worked out remarkably well, one of our mystery room mates actually ended up being someone who we had originally thought was going to live with us anyway, but then she didn’t want to live in Vista so it didn’t work out. So now, we are eight, living in a four bedroom apartment. It’s a super nice apartment, if you haven’t already looked at the album I’ve posted on Facebook there are some pictures of it right after we moved in. 

So, day one was spent getting our employment paperwork in order, learning what our role was going to be, and moving in to the apartment. We had our second day off so we went shopping and relaxed a little bit. Day three was Traditions, a class about the history of the company and a chance to learn a little more about what we were going to be doing, as well as what was expected from us as part of the college program. The next couple weeks was spent learning my role, assessing, and finally “earning my ears”. So I am now an official Walt Disney World employee, working attractions at Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom! I also signed up for two classes, to cover the “learning” part of the “living, learning, earning” components of the college program. I am currently taking a Human Resource Management course and an Advanced Hospitality Studies course, both of which should be accepted for credit at Johnson & Wales University! 

I don’t think I have to tell you what I’ve been doing on the days I don’t have to go in to work, but I will anyway. One of the perks of working for the Walt Disney World company is that I get free admission to the park. Yep. All day, every day. If I’m not working. And I’m not too tired from a crazy 9:45pm-3:45am shift (it happens). Or sick (like now). 

Oh! Somewhere in the midst of all this I had my room mate from last year at Capernwray come down to Florida for the weekend so I was able to spend time with Carita, and her sister Ashton for a little while, which was incredibly fun. It was also really refreshing to have someone that I was already close to and who knew me well around, and talk about Capernwray with 🙂

All in all, I’m having a really good time. I can’t lie, it’s a bit exhausting at times but it’s been great. One of the things I’m having a hard time with is finding a decent church. The way my schedule has been so far is that I’ve only been able to actually got to church once since arriving. The church I went to ended up being a congregation of about twenty five people, all over the age of fifty. It was a decent message, but the lack of representation of people from my age group, as well as the fact that only three people spoke to me during my time there, made it pretty clear that this wasn’t the church I want to attend while I live here. Hopefully my schedule will allow for me to do a bit more “church hunting” this weekend. 

So, that’s a vague overview of the past 21 days of my life. There’s been a lot more to it, but if I actually went through and chronicled all the day to day stuff this post would end up being a novel. Like the Hunger Games. Which I just read. And quite enjoyed. Possibly more on that another time. If you really want to know more about what I’ve been up to, text me, call me, or send me a message on Facebook and I’ll give you more details. Letters wouldn’t be minded either, if you felt inclined to send some. My address is 8116 Baldwin Manor Court, Orlando, Florida 32821


Disney World!

Hey everybody,

Just a super quick update to let you know that I made it down to Orlando with no problems, got checked into the hotel, met my room mate, met some other people in the program, and then a few of us walked to Downtown Disney and had dinner at Planet Hollywood. Good day, super tired. Gotta get up really early to get the apartment tomorrow. Should give another update in the evening.

Thanks for praying,