Washington, D.C.

Recap of June:

I drove home from Orlando on June 1st with Evelyn – our biggest accomplishment was not that we completed the journey in less time than was stated by the GPS, but that we only stopped once during the entire drive. 

Since getting home I’ve been working infrequently, rediscovering my artsy and crafty side, and turning 20.

Washington, D.C.”, you’re probably wondering. “What’s that all about?” Let me tell you.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving with a team from Waxhaw Bible Church and driving to D.C. where we’ll spend a week ministering to the homeless, doing some street evangelism, and working with some children’s groups. Alex and mom are on the team, so it’s just going to be dad at home for a week. Hopefully he won’t get too bored without us. I’m really excited for this trip for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is that this is a chance to see God work in the lives of everyone going, as well as the people that we will be interacting with. 

Please pray safety during our drive and time ministering, as well as clarity and effectiveness while sharing the love of Jesus.