In Review

I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually taken the time to explain what’s going on in my life, so it might be nice to take this time to be a little cliché and provide you the opportunity to check out 2012 in review. And maybe a couple other reviews along the way, since I watch too many movies. I’m not going to go into an excruciating amount of detail for most of this since this is simply a summary, if you want more information check out some of the older posts or just ask me.

January – Got to spend some time in Chicago reunited with the one and only Kate, my former room mate from Capernwray with whom many adventures were had. Moved down to Florida on the 31st to participate in the Disney College Program as an attraction hostess at Splash Mountain.

February – Worked lots and became super familiar with the Walt Disney World Resort (If you’re ever planning a trip and want some insider tips/a guide to go with you, hit me up. I’d be happy to help.)

March – Worked more, fell in love with Epcot’s Boardwalk. Saw The Hunger Games opening night. Was a bit disappointing.

April – Worked more. The family came and visited over Easter. Had tea at The Grand Floridian, an experience that I would highly recommend as being quite lovely. Enjoyed a day at the beach with the family and a couple days playing in the parks and showing them around.

May – Saw The Avengers on opening night. Fantastic. We (Kathy, a friend that I met my first day down in Florida and Myndi, one of her co-workers) showed up at the theatre around 8:00pm to join the line and somehow managed to get seats in the perfect center of the theatre once they let us in. We shared the 2 lbs pack of cookies we snuck into the theatre and made friends with the people around us. Kathy introduced me to my absolute favoritest restaurant ever, Cafe TuTu Tango. The Strnads came to Orlando on vacation and I got to spend some fun time showing them around the parks. Evie and I went to Cocoa Beach one day and managed to not get stung by sting rays. The Strnads stayed through the day I finished my program, so Evie drove back up with me to NC. We beat the GPS by an hour and only stopped once for gas.

June – Settled back in to living at home and turned 20. Worked a bit as a nanny. Hosted the Third Annual Agatha Christie Tea. Went to Bank of America Stadium to see the Panthers practice.

July – Went to Washington, D.C. on a missions trip and spent the 4th in our nation’s capital. A neat experience that I would recommend. Nannied some more. Saw The Dark Knight Rises opening night. Amaaaazing. Went to AirVenture 2012 in Oshkosh, WI as an event coordinator intern where some adventures were had.

August – Spent much time watching the Olympics (go USA!) and some time nannying. Went to Wilmington, NC for a weekend for a break and had a good time hanging out with Matt. Began to mentally prepare myself for starting “real” university.

September – Had a wonderful time with Carita, another one of my room mates from Capernwray, and her family down in Orlando over Labor Day Weekend. Started classes at Johnson & Wales University as a Hotel & Lodging Operations major on the 10th after the DNC left town. Spent much time in the car driving. Started making some friends. Got involved with NSMH (National Society of Minorities in Hospitality) and was selected to be the Social Media Director.

October – Lots of school, lots of driving. Celebrated Alex turning 18 and on the same day successfully steered the van backwards down the highway into a parking lot after the transmission and power steering went out.

November – Went to the NSMH regional conference, which was in Charlotte. Had a really great time and got to meet some key industry professionals. Saw Skyfall opening night. Great stuff. Finished my first semester at JWU and moved up to Sophomore status (finally, ha). Went to the wedding of one high school friend, and heard the news that my best friend from Peru got engaged. Enjoyed Thanksgiving in Waxhaw with family. Started a new semester at JWU.

December – Settled into the new semester, started getting more involved on campus. Saw The Hobbit opening night and liked it quite a bit. The Riddles in the Dark scene is amazing. Went to the wedding of a wonderful family friend in Virginia and had a good time. Enjoyed having a friend from JWU stay with us for a few days at the beginning of Christmas Break. Had a lovely Christmas with family. Saw Les Miserables today and thought it was quite well done, definitely worth a watch. And now I’m looking forward to the arrival of Kate, who I spent last New Year’s with and is coming to stay for about a week.

So now what’s on the horizon? 2013 should be an interesting year. I’m not sure if it has been mentioned here or not, but I have joined with IAMA as the event coordinator for their presence at Sun ‘n Fun in Florida and AirVenture in Wisconsin. This year I’m still working with the previous coordinator, learning the ropes. It has been a great experience so far and I’m learning a lot. February will see me headed down to Orlando (can’t keep me away!) for the NSMH National Conference at the end of the month. The family will be joining me, as the end of the conference marks the end of my second semester and the beginning of my spring break. I look forward to visiting Cafe TuTu Tango again.

I’m honestly not sure what this spring/summer will hold for me, other than heading up to Wisconsin for AirVenture 2013. In the fall I’ll be headed back to JWU. Since I’ve been living at home and commuting, which got kind of old pretty fast, I decided to apply to be an RA in either the dorms or the campus owned housing that’s about a block away from the school. The selection process will be happening throughout January and I’ll be informed if I was chosen, put on an alternate list, or not chosen by the end of February. If I am chosen as an RA, then I’ll be living on campus. If not, I hope to find other housing close to the campus.

It’s cool to look back and see all the amazing things I’ve been blessed with in the past year. Honestly, sometimes I throw myself a little pity party because most of the people I graduated with are gearing up towards graduating again and I’m a sophomore, but the things I’ve done since I graduated three years ago (yes, it’ll be three years in just a couple weeks) are absolutely incredible.

God has allowed me to make friends that will last a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I learned some serious things and was able to move past things I didn’t realize were holding me back. I was given the opportunity to live in two different countries and live in a different state for a brief amount of time. I got to work for and see “behind-the-scenes” at one of most well respected companies in the world. Now, I’m attending a school with that is equipping me with what I need to go into the field God has shown me.

So how am I going to finish 2012? After sitting down and actually taking the time to see the incredible ways I’ve been blessed throughout the past few years, grateful and a little overwhelmed. Pray for me as I look towards the future. There are so many uncertainties and so many ways life could change between now and when I graduate in 2015. Thank you for sticking with me and taking the time read all this! As always, if you have questions/comments/concerns or simply want more details just let me know and I’ll fill you in the best that I can.