Perfect Follow-Up

Remember that article talking about how marriage isn’t for you? It made some seriously good points that I really enjoyed, but I  was left with a little bit of a nagging feeling. Like something was missing. This post responding to it hits the nail on the head and fills in the blanks for what the original author was saying by including a Biblical perspective on marriage. Awesome. 


Forget Original Content

Shoot, guys. Forget me writing stuff anymore, I’m just going to link you to things that are pretty awesome. (Just kidding, I’m still going to bore you with long diatribes about my life, but this is happening now too)

To be honest, the name of the article almost kept me from reading it (I mean, seriously? Can you be more cliched?), but I’m glad I did. Ladies, this is the real deal. Men, take heed. 

Look out for part two tomorrow. If I remember…