Everything In Its Time

Oh lawdy lawd. I started this back on February 24th and never got past the title. Oops. Still, I remember what I was going to post about, and perhaps this is a better chance to go in depth about where my heart is right now than the other post.

By now all of you are probably aware that Ecclesiastes 3:11 is my all time favorite verse. At least, I hope so. For those of you who haven’t read my blog before, welcome, and now you know my favorite verse. If you aren’t familiar with the verse, it says, “He (God) has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

Wow wow wow. This verse will never get old to me. A perfect reminder of God’s perfect timing, and that His ways are infinitely better than mine. So, why did I start this post on February 24th? Because on February 21st I got a tattoo to permanently remind myself of this amazing truth, and on February 22nd I was shown how fickle I am. Did you know that you can still forget awesome truths like that even when they’re tattooed on your body when you get disappointed? Ouch.

So what happened on February 22nd? Well, God changed my plans. SURPRISE! Gosh, you all must be tired of reading about my never ending struggle to accept the fact that God’s plans are sometimes different from mine. Why do you read this stuff? The plan had been to intern at a hotel with international sites, so that I could (hopefully) get hired after my internship and (hopefully) develop a good enough relationship with the company that (hopefully) they would be willing to sponsor a visa for me to do an international internship with them right before I graduated. Well, things were starting to move that direction. I was placed at my number one internship site (we got to choose five sites and prioritize them), which I was especially pleased about because that site only accepts one intern per term. I was supposed to meet with the Assistant General Manager to square away the details of my internship, but was never able to track him down until after the hotel decided to withdraw from the internship program. After I had already been placed there. Only two weeks before I was supposed to start. Yeah, not a fun experience.

So I was thrown for a loop. And I’m still trying to figure out exactly what all the implications are, but I think part of it is this: God doesn’t want me back in Europe quite yet. Why, I’m not sure. I may never be. But I am still reminded that His timing is perfect, and His plan is so much better than mine (as I’ve seen time and time again).

If you could be praying for me, I’d really appreciate it. As someone who enjoys having a plan, I have a hard time letting go of it when God says that’s not the plan He has for me. Pray that I will be able to live, once again, with just enough light for the step I’m on.

If you could also be praying that I would be able to find a way to find and get involved with a church, or women’s small group I would really appreciate that. My schedule has been rather demanding for the past several months, and I’m missing that community.




Oh dear…the last time I posted anything was back in November. So much has happened, I really don’t know where to start.

Let me hit the highlights:

-spent Christmas with family, including Alex who came home from Capernwray for a few weeks. It was wonderful to be able to talk to her and see how she’s experiencing things. What is truly fascinating to me is that there is a universal, overarching Capernwray type experience that everyone has — yet though the setting remains the same, and the same categories of people remain the same, each person encounters something entirely unique to them.

-spent New Year’s in Garner visiting my boyfriend’s family, having a wonderful time exploring and seeing The Nutcracker Ballet (thanks again, Mrs Melissa!), and ringing in the new year.

-Suffered through the remainder of my Exercise Physiology class. I chose it as my science elective because I thought it would be focusing a bit on nutrition, or that we would be creating exercise plans, or something. Basically I was wrong and all we did was anatomy and study chemistry of the body. It was certainly not my favorite, and I think that was the first experience I’ve had where I truly disliked my professor. It makes me feel bad to say that, but it was really frustrating to try to talk to someone again and again to be met repeatedly with a lack of responseĀ or flat out denial…*sigh* yeah. Mooooving on….

-Finished my semester and spent spring break in Charlotte working at Starbucks. Yes, I’m still at Starbucks. It’s been a fun job, definitely getting to put some of that customer service training from Disney to use.

-Started my internship at The Dunhill hotel in Charlotte. My internship consists of rotating through the Front Desk, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Night Audit, with the last two weeks returning to the department of my choice. I’m currently in my Housekeeping rotation, and it is a lot of work. I’m definitely sore, and I have so much respect for the women who work in this department. They are so sweet and caring, and always helping each other. Although I don’t think I’ll end up returning to the housekeeping department, it is certainly a valuable experience. I think it’s important that I’ll now have the ability to empathize (at least a little), with the individuals who work in housekeeping, wherever I end up.

There’s really so much more that’s happened in the past months, but I’m not sure what direction to take at this point. I’ve become decidedly more interested in all things gastronomy and culinary. I attribute part of that to the atmosphere of Johnson & Wales, as well as the writings of the marvelous MFK Fisher. Do not get me started on this woman. I’m currently reading through an anthology of her work entitled The Art of Eating (thank you, mom), and the way she writes about food…it truly is an art. So, I’ve started doing my own culinary type research.

Essentially, that means I’m reading up on MFK Fisher’s personal life (and now I’m dying to move to France), reading even more food blogs than usual, and continuing with my Pinterest challenge that I originally started last year. This month might be a new record, as I’ve made 4 recipes from Pinterest. If you don’t follow me on Pinterest you can find my profile here. This also means that I applied for an editorial internship for a food blog on a whim last night, and subsequently spent the next hour or so having a minor freak out session. Which I can laugh at now, because the likelihood of me getting the internship is pretty minute, so there’s no reason to even worry about it.

Anyway, that’s my life right now. I’m working about 50 hours a week between Starbucks and The Dunhill, which is a little stressful, but in the end I think it will be definitely worth it. I know this post leaves a lot to desire, but I really just needed to postĀ something to get back in the groove. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback just let me know. I’d love to hear from you.